One of the other things that keeps me busy is serving as a quarantine foster home for Georgia Rat Rescue. I started doing this a while after my last rat died. Losing a pet rat is always tough, and as much as I love them, I wasn’t sure I was ready to go through that again. But then I found out about the need for quarantine foster homes for rescue rats. In this capacity, I give rescue rats a home with proper housing, food, and health care while they are quarantined for a standard period of time. This ensures that any rats already owned by the adopter will be safe from parasites or disease that might be harbored by the rescued rat. At the end of May and into June I was dealing with a mom and her litter of 8 babies (1 of which sadly didn’t make it). A litter of growing baby rats is full of energy and constantly looking for trouble (and snacks), so they can keep you busy. But it’s worth it for the sheer amount of cuteness they bring to the table.

Rat pile in the tube--their favorite hangout.

A pile of babies. Getting them to sit still together for a photo is almost impossible.

The mom, Josefina, with one of her youngsters.

Some of the champagne babies. They look all white, but they have hoods that are a lovely light champagne color.

The dark babies. These girls were my favorites of the litter.

Another shot of one of the dark girls.


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