3-Month Update (March 30, 2011)

I wasn’t able to make it out to the barn on the last weekend in March. We had the funeral of a close family friend on Friday, Jhays and I spent Saturday working on getting our old house cleaned out and ready to rent, and I had a family birthday party to attend on Sunday. Luckily, Lorie was working with Vindy in the meantime, so he wasn’t neglected. She reported that they were working on lunging in the arena. She said he was improving on his manners, doing much better at getting out and staying on a circle, and staying in the direction she asked of him.  He was doing well with the halt command, but needed work moderating his pace and staying at the walk rather than rushing into the trot.

On March 30th, I submitted my 3-month update to New Vocations. I have already posted most of the pictures I sent, except this one:

My update read as follows:

Royal Vindication is being fed 5 lbs A.M. & 5 lbs P.M. of Legends 11% Show & Pleasure pelleted feed plus 1/2 lb Seminole Ultra Bloom rice bran both A.M. & P.M. as well. He is supplemented with Omega Horseshine, but he doesn’t really like it for some reason, so we are probably going to switch to a pelleted supplement with Omega-3 fatty acids. He is also getting fescue & Bermuda mix hay (roll, plus additional in his stall at night) and fescue mix pasture. He is currently on day turnout with a group of geldings. Starting in March, the trainer at my barn has been working him twice during the week either in the round pen or on the lunge line. I am doing round pen, lunging, and under saddle work with him on the weekends. We are spending a lot of time going back to basics with him, working on upward and downward transitions and halts using voice commands. He now crossties with no problem and stands well for grooming and baths. When I first went to clip his bridle path, he showed some aversion to clippers near his head, so I have been desensitizing him to that, and by going slowly I was able to clip his bridle path successfully. He is now current on his vaccinations and has an updated Coggins. We had pulled his shoes for about 8 weeks, but due to the thin soles revealed by his x-rays and the chipping he experienced while barefoot, we have put him back in aluminum shoes up front. He loves his peppermints and comes running whenever I go to get him from the pasture. He is a bit of a busy bee, so we are working on his focus and his work ethic, but all in all, he is just a sweet, gorgeous boy.

They wrote back to say he was looking fantastic and that they were happy to hear about how he was handling the transition.

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