March 13, 2011

On Sunday, March 13th, Lorie was kind enough to hold Vindy for me while I took photos for his 3-month update to New Vocations.

The pond made a nice backdrop, but the lighting didn't show him off to best advantage.

This would have been nice if he had been looking towards the camera. And if you ignore the hideous puncture wound on his forearm.

Focus? What focus?

My favorite of the bunch. He is posing nicely and looks like a well-mannered gentleman.

Later that same week the farrier came out; he called me while he was there and said Vindy was coming up sore with the hoof testers both on the sole and at the toe. So he suggested putting shoes back on, and he recommended aluminum shoes to help with the concussion and to help with the amount of hoof damage he had. I told him to proceed. I felt somewhat guilty because I had noticed Vindy short striding on Sunday, but I had attributed it to the iffy footing in the ring. This made me wonder if foot soreness wasn’t part of the reason for some of his misbehavior during February.

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