March 19, 2011

Rose gave birth to her filly Gwen, so on Saturday I went to the barn to take pictures of the new foal. Rose was already playing the role of wonderful mom, and Gwen was an adorable foal, black like her mother.

Gwen in the afternoon sun.

Proud mom Rose with baby Gwen.

I also took some pictures of Vindy and the geldings out in the pasture, as well as shots of them coming in for dinner. As you can see from the photos, Vindy was dirty and sweaty, so I gave him a bath afterwards.

A horse and carriage had driven by, which got the geldings running around. Vindy is leading the way with Regal and JR following.

Vindy pausing in the fading sun, under the tree.

Vindy running in for dinner. I didn't do the best job getting all of him in frame.

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