April 2, 2011

On Saturday April 2nd, I attended the Purina Ultimate Dog Championship at Centennial Olympic Park, but after that I went out to the barn. Unfortunately, Vindy had thrown one of his brand new fancy aluminum shoes, so I wasn’t able to work him. Instead I groomed him and left it at that. While I was grooming him, I had the sudden thought that I was grooming an actual son of Vindication. Sometimes that still seems like such a dream. He really needs his mane pulled too, but it was feeding time and I didn’t expect him to stand there patiently for a chore like that, so I left it for another day. I did, however, take some Hipstamatic pics of him while the mares were being brought in.

Enough with the grooming. It's feeding time.

Sometimes you can really see his sire and grandsire in his expression.

A sweet greeting for Stormy.


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